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Request Login Terms and Agreements

Welcome to Health Care INNOVATIONS! We look forward to working with you and providing the services of tomorrow today! Before you can proceed, you are required to read through the following conditions of use and agree to always abide by these rules and regulations.

 User Agreement

    All content, which includes but is not limited to: pictures, ASP code, and any images that are displayed, is owned by Health Care Innovations and therefore protected under law. You are not permitted to make any copies or plagiarize these files.

    Private information needs to stay private. You must keep the password(s) given to you in the strictest confidence, and will not disclose them to anyone except the network administrator without prior consent thereto.  Attempts to hack or obtain information that is not yours will result in termination of account and possible authority involvement. Health Care Innovations will cooperate in any way possible when dealing with authorities for any of the above reasons, including attempts to harm any of our servers.

    Obscenity will not be tolerated. Any information including offensive words, phrases, or attempts to insult the company or any of its employees will result in immediate termination of account.

    Health Care Innovations takes your personal privacy seriously. We do collect some information about you when you register for certain services, but we will not disclose any personal information about you without your permission. We ask that you do the same with any information that you are privileged to when you are granted our services.

    Health Care Innovations cannot be held responsible for any errors you make while inputting your availability or any errors resulting from technical problems.

    Features that may be offered in the future are also included under this protection agreement. Some examples of these features include but are not limited to employee email, voicemail, and internet access. Below are the current policies regarding these features. Health Care Innovations reserves the right to update them at any time.

The electronic mail system  and voice mail system hardware is company property. Additionally, all messages composed, sent, or received on the electronic mail system and voice mail are and remain the property of the company. They are not the private property of any staff.

The electronic mail system and voice mail system may not be used to solicit for commercial ventures, religious or political causes, or any outside organizations.

The electronic mail system and voice mail system are not to be used to create any offensive or disruptive messages. Among those which are considered offensive are any message which contain sexual implications, racial slurs, gender-specific comments, or any other comment that offensively addresses someone's age, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, national origin, or disability.

The electronic mail system shall not be used to send (upload) or receive (download) copyrighted materials, trade secrets, proprietary financial information, or similar materials without prior authorization from the chief executive officer.

The company reserves and intends to exercise the right to review, audit, intercept, access and disclose all messages created, received or sent over the electronic mail system and voice mail system for any purpose. The contents of electronic mail and voice mail properly obtained for legitimate business purposes may be disclosed within the company without the permission of the staff.

Any staff who discovers a violation of this policy shall notify the Information Systems Coordinator.

    Violation of any guidelines listed above may results in corrective action, up to and including dismissal. If necessary, the company will advice appropriate legal officials of any illegal violations.