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Professional Staffing

For Health Care Facilities and Industry

The advantages that Health Care INNOVATIONS offers your institution are:

Health Care INNOVATIONS provides competent, experienced specialty care nursing professionals to its client institutions on a term, per diem and on-call basis.
Health Care INNOVATIONS was incorporated in January of 1991. The staff of INNOVATIONS is dedicated to providing the best professional nursing services in today's market. Our focus is to excel in placing reliable, competent, highly skilled nursing professionals in hospitals and other institutions.
Health Care INNOVATIONS is committed to excellence in a manner that supports the quality health care and economic goals of the clients and institutions we serve.
Health Care INNOVATIONS is owned and managed by seasoned health care professionals. Our executive team has over 95 years of health care management experience. Each member of our management team is an accomplished health care professional. Their experience is invaluable in assisting you with the contemporary issues facing health care today.

On call 24 hours a day!

Quality ~ Integrity ~ Reliability

You can count on knowledgeable, professional
and accountable Registered Nurses.

Quality exists - Demand it!

INNOVATIONS Contractually Guarantees:

Employee screening procedures
Employee reference verification
Credentials verification
Professional Liability Insurance
JCAHO compliance

INNOVATIONS is committed to meeting your institution's goals and objectives. We are committed to your complete satisfaction with all of our services. Our resource pool includes more than 450 seasoned professional nurses and ancillary staff.  Together they share extensive experience in the following areas:

Ambulatory care Pediatrics Intensive Care
Cardiac Maternal health Industrial Nursing
Pulmonary Medical Occupational Health
Thoracic Surgical Clinic / Urgent Care
ER Neuro Behavioral Health
Transplant Recovery/OR Neonatal
Special procedures Pediatric ICU  

INNOVATIONS' nurses possess, on an average, nine years of experience in their specialty. These specialized skills include: nursing management and extensive experience as charge nurses and as preceptors.

The competency of each nurse is carefully screened prior to being hired by Health Care INNOVATIONS. Each nurse must successfully complete a specialty care pharmacology exam, in their area of expertise, with a 90% overall score. A score of 100% is required on IV drug administration.

References and credentials are verified and Health Care INNOVATIONS contractually commits to this verification process. Professional liability insurance is carried in the amount of $1 million per case and $3 million aggregate on each nurse.

Health Care INNOVATIONS offers an effective staffing alternative that ...

Promotes high quality care
Guarantees cost effectiveness
Provides experienced cross-trained nurses
Offers maximum flexibility

Hospital-based pools have high initial set-up and overhead costs. This makes it expensive to provide long term, per diem staffing due to a high turnover rate when patient census decreases.

Health Care INNOVATIONS can be there

When the patient census increases
To prevent the initial cost that is reincurred
To cover an immediate need

With Health Care INNOVATIONS, there is:

Guaranteed high-quality nursing
No set-up cost
No hospital maintenance cost
No administrative cost
Health Care INNOVATIONS term options will guarantee "continuity of care", while per diem and on-call can be used to supplement the day-to-day fluctuations. The options are yours.


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